Looking back: The puke monster poster design

I’ve learned so much from my mistakes, I’m thinking of making a few more. – Unknown

I like to believe that I made progress as a designer, as I should have. While I was going through some old stuff at my mothers new apartment, I found this “gem”. If I recall correctly, I designed this poster when I was still interning at Inline Design. The Puke Monster, I used to (affectionately) call it.

Looking back, this is not one of my highlights of my portfolio. The anatomy is horrible, the font I used for the details I did not draw by hand does not fit at all. In short: It does not feel right. But hey, as the quote on top says, you have to learn somewhere right?

Behold, the puke monster!

The Pukemonster

What do you guys think about my puke monster?


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