We Say F**K A Lot – A network event for Potty-Mouths

We Say Fuck A Lot

Over the course of this study year, we as students are supposed to work on our professional identify and try to leave our mark (pun definitely intended) as entrepreneurs. To help us meet professionals and get some first hand experience in connecting, we’re setting up a network event.

We named the event We Say Fuck A Lot as a statement and testament to what young entrepreneurs should be: Cocky and slightly arrogant. In todays industry, creatives need to be out there, need to be confident and most of all: Need to show how much they got to bring to the table.

So, we decided to use the most popular word in our class. F**k. It’s such a flexible word. We use it in amazement: “what the f**k just happened?!”, in moments of bliss: “I’m so happy it’s f**cking weekend!” and obviously in very creative ways to show our discontent. I’m not even going to give an example here, you catch my drift.

Anyways. I did the (very basic) graphic style for the event. I used the amazing Nexa font, which you can download for free via FontFabric. The bold version sports straight lines and it’s distinctive style made it a nice font fitting the statement of the event. The light version is stylish and balances the heavy set lines of the bold heading.

What do you guys think. Is the name too much, or do young creatives need to be out there and getting it on (figuratively speaking)? Let me know your thoughts! And if you guys want to come to the event, be my guest!

WSFAL - Event Invite


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