I am OneNineNineOne Graphics

Mark de Leeuw

OneNineNineOne Graphics is me and my brand thoroughly represents me – I am a bow-tie wearing hopeless romantic and I enjoy spreading some love with my edgy sense of humor. I regularly lose my heart to amazingly simple things. I am a wholehearted lover for anything that sounds, looks or reads well.

My heart skips a beat for beautiful designs, but there are more things I carry as close to my heart as my bow ties. Neat designs, geeky comics, music that makes me shiver of joy and anything science fiction are just some of them. Not only do they serve me with extraterrestrial inspiration, but they also fill my stomach will butterflies.

I did it all for the coffee

To open up my heart and gain more experience in design, as well as enjoying free cups of coffee,
I worked as a Graphic Design intern at Logisz (formerly known as Logisch Premedia), Inline Design and Poppodium Atak.

These internships, and especially my time at Atak really pushed my confidence and gave me a creative playground where I could develop my love for music and graphic design.

As an intern with heart and soul, I not only designed various posters, flyers and other promotion related items, but I was also responsible for coordinating a team of design volunteers and lived a dream life filled with music, amazing people and long nights without sleep.

Sleepless nights and city lights

Over the years, my love for music grew. Somehow, I found myself working on music related projects like organizing events & working as a stage manager. Finally, as I am a lucky man, I landed a job at Crawl Back Bookings. The lads craved help for their agency’s identity, so I was quickly entangled in advertising & promotion material designs, as well as another concert promoter who knew what he was doing.

Crawl Back also gave me the opportunity to take on bands in my booking roster and later taking up management as well. That’s where I met the lads from Unchained Breathing, a band in need of a (tour)manager. We immediately got the love going and I started organizing, designing whilst fueling up on coffee. These experiences brought my two affinities, music & design, together.

F(ea)ture me

Now, it’s time to set my eyes on the future. I am looking for more challenges in the world of beautiful design and  I am ready to open my designer heart and expand my horizons. Logo & Identity design are about to get some OneNineNineOne-loving to see if this relationship can go to the next level.

Let’s share the passion for detailed, sleek designs, coffee & new challenges. Make this place a little prettier. For some impressions, check out my portfolio. If you want to experiment with me and my newfound love, why not get in touch? I’m open for almost anything – as long as it concerns work or long discussions about Geeky subjects.


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